Healthy Nibbles: 11 July 2011 Edition

17 Jul

From our eyes to yours … here’s what’s up in health and nutrition news for the week of July 11th, 2011:

Nothing says summer like chilling on a patio 🙂 Or like getting eaten alive by mosquitoes 😦 A recent study by French researchers, however, suggests that perhaps the two are more closely related than we might think. Although many questions remain unclear as to the exact mechanism and overall generalizability of this study’s findings, what is obvious is that even mosquitoes enjoy a pint after a long, hot day. [Health Zone]

Food ads for children remain fodder for the ongoing battle between industry food manufacturers and federal public health promoters in the United States. Revisions to existing marketing standards were recently proposed by a collection of various industry representatives to establish a more unified and voluntary front with respect to what kinds of foods are advertised to children. According to federal representatives, emphasizing the advertisement of healthier foods is a small step in the right direction from industry, but it still falls short of regulatory standards. I’m thinking that perhaps a more important issue has been overlooked – the fact that the revised standards are still VOLUNTARY for advertisers. [NY Times]

When juggling the demands of grad school, having readily accessible snacks in my bag is as much a staple as having my laptop (a.k.a. my ENTIRE life). But when it comes to the type of snacks available, juggling between options that are convenient versus healthy can sometimes be a little trickier. To help, registered nutritional counseling practitioner and media spokesperson, Theresa Albert, offers a few suggestions for low-calorie, pre-packaged snacks. [Health Zone]

My dad was born in 1941, which means that he’s technically just a tiny bit older than Canada’s Food Guide (don’t tell him I said that). He’ll be the first to agree that much has changed since then. Apparently, Canada’s Food Guide is no exception. Much like my dad, it’s pretty cool to see where things came from, to appreciate where they are right now. [Globe & Mail]

With farmers markets and pick-your-own fields aplenty, summer is a fabulous time to take advantage of seasonal fruits (MMM berries). Even though we’ve all been taught the importance of getting 7-10 servings of fruits and veggies per day, questions still arise about which fruits are best for specific health conditions, and how to better incorporate them into the diet. Registered dietitian and media food and nutrition authority, Leslie Beck, helps break this information down. [Globe & Mail]


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