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Healthy Nibbles: Mike Evans Edition

30 Jan


The first month of 2012 is nearly finished. Hopefully you’ve had some time to wind down from the holidays and are now in full gear for the year ahead. Like you, I have set my goals for 2012 and am feeling refreshed and rejuvenated to start working towards accomplishing them. A constant item on my new year’s resolution list: “get healthy.”

To maintain momentum while getting healthy, it always helps to remember the big picture benefits behind eating mindfully and exercising regularly. To do this, check out Dr. Mike Evans’ visual lecture on, what according to him, is “The Single Best Thing You Can Do for Your Health.”

Even if the information he provides isn’t new to you, hopefully his unique way of presenting it will help make the take home message all the more salient. Enjoy!

Cheers to The Atlantic for the video.