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Happy Easter from NUTRInitiative

8 Apr

Eggs in a Row

It’s Easter long weekend! Not only does this mean that spring is just around the corner, but also that Cadbury mini eggs are aplenty.

Nutrition background aside, Mini Eggs are a staple on my personal top five list of guilty pleasure treats. Thank heavens they’re only available for a limited time!

Easter TreeWhether you’ll be spending this weekend painting eggs …

Painted Eggs

hunting for eggs …

Hidden Treasure Eggs

or just plain old eating eggs, …

Egg Platter

best wishes to you and your loved ones for a fun and safe Easter holiday!

Hanging Egg

Cheers to J. Mulik for the original photos, and to the Mulik family for the delicious food and ambiance.

Healthy Nibbles: 26 March 2012 Edition

2 Apr

From our eyes to yours … here’s what was up in health and nutrition news for the week of March 26th, 2012.

Pic courtesty of J. Mulik

Who says eating healthy is too expensive? At a mere $0.25 per casserole, the Florida non-profit group “Feeding Children Everywhere” is making it unbelievably affordable. Talk about getting some serious bang for your buck. [Vancouver Sun]

Even the success of shedding weight may not be enough to overcome the stigma of having been overweight or obese. In young children, maintaining a healthy self-esteem post-weight loss may be just as big a challenge as losing the weight in the first place. [Healthland TIME]

Since when did ‘convenient’ become a dirty word? Since it started compromising the long-term health of children, says Mark Tremblay, the guidelines committee chairperson for the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. According to Tremblay, daily exercise should never take a back seat to more sedentary activities, regardless of however more convenient for busy parents. Ever. [Vancouver Sun]

According to a recent study published in the Public Health Nutrition journal, the risk of developing depression appears greater for frequent fast food patrons compared to those who eat fast food only occasionally. Seems like the McDonalds “Happy Meal” may in fact be somewhat of a misnomer. [Science Daily]

Finding it hard to tune out the voices of cakes and cookies calling your name? Here are a few tips to help you curb those cravings for sweets. [Vancouver Sun]

Even at the best of times, healthy eating can be a challenge for many. While on vacation, it can be nearly impossible. Here are a few tips to help you keep up your healthy eating regimen while you’re winding down. [Vancouver Sun]